Back to school is not just for students. Parents have plenty to do with all the back to school fuss too. Parents play a vital role in helping their children switch out of summer vacation mode and back into the routines of school. In order to do so, here is a list of the five best ways to help your kids get back in the swing of things.

Meet the teachers

Take the time to go in and personally meet your child’s teachers. It is good for them to know who you are even before back to school night. This way you can get their email address and they can have yours. It’s good to know what’s going on right from the start.

Set a homework/study area

Create an area that is designated for homework and studying. By doing so, you can limit distractions, encourage quality work, and give students the tools needed to succeed. Additionally, having a designated work area early on will teach your child good habits early on. One day when they are off to college on their own, they will remember what it was like to have a designated area to get work done and they will stick to it!

Read with your child daily

Reading is vital to every learner’s success. Read with your child daily to teach good habits and to be involved in their learning. You will also begin to see what your child likes to read and can suggest other books they will love. Also, reading together is a bonding experience that your child will pass on to their children.

Hold firm to bedtimes

Routines are especially important for the success of your child. Set an appropriate time to go to bed each night and stick to it. If your child is receiving the right amount of sleep they will be more alert in class and easier to wake up in the morning! It’s a win win. This also reinforces the extreme importance of routines for the body.

Stay on top of homework

Be involved in your child’s homework. Know what they are doing, when it is due, and be there to help them. The more they can get out of their homework, the better. Their teachers will also be pleased with the attention that is paid to their homework. Teacher’s assign it for a reason, so it should be taken seriously.