It goes without saying, technology is everywhere. Tech has simplified our lives, is able to give us information rapidly, and now is an integral part of education. These are exciting times. Students have a mass amount of knowledge and tools that are only a click away, but how are we using them?

Technology Assisted Collaboration

Our classrooms are becoming even more collaborative with the help of technology. Students can work with other students around the world, collaborate with different classes within the same school, or simply collaborate at home using google docs. By putting an emphasis on collaboration through technology, we are preparing students for the workforce and also getting them more engaged and active with the lessons.

Blended Classrooms

Over the years we have become better equipped to offer classes with in-class and out of class instruction. The flexibility of blended instruction has been vital for students. Not every student learns the same way or comes from the same background. By offering blended classrooms, we are offering more resources and options for success than ever before!

Mobile Devices

iPads have been an increasingly adapted classroom technology. There are new, exciting educational apps being developed at a rapid pace and the way we can incorporate them is endless. Having 1-to-1 iPad instruction allows for more feedback on assignments, quicker research means, and a way for students to continuously perfect their work with the help of others in the class.

Increased Engagement

Technology has been a catalyst for increased engagement. When we think about it, students now have grown up with technology and interact with it consistently on a daily basis. If you put tech in front of them they will use it, troubleshoot it, and engage in activities because they are using methods they are used to and familiar with.

Valuable Work Experience

Students can gain valuable work experience from an educational use of technology. Learning how to problem solve, stay organized, and complete tasks in an increasingly technology driven world will help them in any job the seek. Many employers are looking for the exact lessons and big idea lessons we are teaching our students right now. Through technology, we are setting our students up for success in the workplace and expanding their minds.