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What does a community leader look like?

A community leader is someone who has the drive to make positive change, is in a position to bring people together in order to do so, and has an uncanny ability to inspire others. Without those characteristics, it is difficult to effectively serve as a leader.

A community leader is hyper focused on a specific community. Those communities can be in a city or within ethnic groups. As long as a person takes charge and is working for the greater good of the specified community, then they are on the road to fulfilling their duties.

What does community leadership entail?

Community leadership has many facets. Community leaders are needed to initiate and welcome change specified for and by the community they are serving. This comes in many shapes and forms including, organizing peaceful protests, raising concerns with the city council to bring about positive change, advocate for new businesses, and gather volunteers to assist a nonprofit.


  • Peaceful Protests

    A community leader may organize a group of like-minded individuals to protest a local issue. There are no limits on what to protest. It could be protesting the closure of a park, assisting in a teacher’s strike for fairer wages, or even striking against legislation.


  • Raising Awareness to Community Concerns

    Running a community is not a simple task. City councils and officials do their best to serve the community at large, but they also require assistance from the citizens. A community leader can take the initiative to bring concerns to the city council and help come up with a plan to remedy the issue.

    Following through with community concerns takes perseverance and dedication, but that is what being a community leader is all about. Enduring hardships to bring about real change and betterment to a community is something anyone can be proud of accomplishing.


  • Business Development

    New businesses are sprouting up every day. They need customers, locations, and to feel a sense of community. A community leader can work with city officials and businesses to advocate on behalf of the city or town. Show business owners why your town is so fantastic. Explain to them why the community will be better off with their business as a part of it.


  • Assisting Nonprofits

    Nonprofits can always use volunteers and enthusiastic people to help them achieve anything from fundraising goals to successfully executing programs. Here is where a community leader comes in. They take charge and assemble passionate people to volunteer, donate, and host fundraisers. Without continued support from their direct community, nonprofits cannot make the change they are working towards.

Community leadership is a vital role in any community. Recognizing your own leadership skills will help you identify what kind of community leader you aspire to be. No matter what you choose, remember to lead with the pack and not above it. You have the tools as a future leader to cultivate prolific change, so make something happen!