Within the world of education, we talk a lot about integrating technology into the classroom. We discuss how to implement it, what kind of technology we should be using, and how to take an ordinary lesson and spice it up with technology. You will see a lot of this discussion online, in blogs like this, or through the media. Assuming you’ve heard things like this in the past, one thing you may not have considered is, the improvements tech actually makes. It’s great to talk about how to do it or what we need to improve, but let’s take a moment to talk about what the impact has been so far.

Global Learning

Technology connects people all over the world in an instant. It is no different in a classroom setting. Teachers all over the country are using tech to video conference classrooms around the world. We are able to teach culture and experience new places in lightning speed. Additionally, learning new languages becomes a breeze with online tutorials and language videos at the touch of a button.

Collaborative Learning

Collaboration is easier than ever in our tech filled classrooms. Teachers use Google drive to share documents with the class. Then, students can access shared files to work on projects with each other inside and out of the classroom. Additionally, teachers are using tablets to broadcast up close lessons or tech based learning directly onto individual tablets. Students are following along and interacting with the classroom through the use of mobile devices.

Smart Boards

The old archetype of students clapping out chalkboard erasers is a thing of the past. You’ll be hard pressed to find a classroom still using chalkboards as their main classroom visual. Nowadays, it’s more common for you to see smart boards in the classroom. Smart boards are an excellent piece of new tech. Teachers can project images from the web, electronically draw on them, and even save and disperse the notes to the entire class.

Personalized Learning

With more schools providing tablets for each student, teachers are building out more personalized lessons. Students can choose learning paths that work for them through the use of apps, as well as, through student centered project assignments. Teachers are even using tech to target student progress and learning styles.