Teaching is one of the most demanding and stressful jobs out there. If not managed correctly, it can be overwhelming. Some teachers only work in the classroom for several years before deciding it’s too much for them. But, there are those teachers who have a genuine passion for what they do and spend their entire working career in the education field, shaping the young minds of tomorrow. Here are some great ways to de-stress as a teacher!

Break it down

Teachers have a seemingly endless amount of tasks to get done throughout the day. To avoid feeling like you’re drowning, break down your major tasks into smaller, more manageable assignments. You’ll be able to tackle it step-by-step and feel as though you’re making a lot progress. Before you know it, you’ll have done that monstrous project you were so worried about!

Make work fun!

As the teacher, you’re in charge of the classroom. You get to determine how you’ll run it and what activities you’re going to do. While there are certain schedules and subjects you have to follow and teach, you still have freedom to dictate how your classroom is run. Because of this control, you have the ability to make your classroom fun. By bringing fun into the classroom, you’re providing an opportunity for your students and you to look forward to class each day. Through actually enjoying what you’re doing, you’ll feel less stressed out.

Avoid work politics

In any profession, there will always be office politics. In schools, this fact is particularly true. Teachers often gather together and talk, so avoid any negative gossip about colleagues or students. Don’t play the power game with other teachers or join a teacher clique. Strive to get along with all of your colleagues, or be neutral toward those you don’t connect with, and you’ll feel good about your coworkers instead of worrying about who said what about whom.

Get sleep

There is nearly nothing better for your body than a good night’s rest. You’ll feel refreshed in the morning and ready to tackle the new day. It can be hard to sleep if you’re feeling really stressed, so take steps to help yourself. Avoid looking at screens for an hour or two before you go to bed and take some time to unwind before trying to sleep, like reading or just relaxing. Not drinking caffeine will also help you fall asleep because you won’t be on edge or alert for hours after drinking that third or fourth cup of coffee. Try switching to a slightly caffeinated tea if you really crave the caffeine fix.

Make time for yourself

Overall, sometimes you just need to step away from your job. You have a life outside of work and it’s important to remember that, especially if you have a family. Spend time with your loved ones or by yourself, doing an activity you enjoy. Exercise, do yoga, or meditate and you’ll likely feel much more centered and ready to return to work. Make relaxing or fun plans for your weekends and remember it’s okay to say no to responsibilities at work you don’t absolutely have to take on.