Robert Peters Manor Texas TX

The value of education is something that is difficult to pass down to your children. Sometimes you wish you could just point it out to them in a way so they’ll see it as well as you do, but that simply is not the case. Parents aren’t alone in this, many schools and faculty have this goal in their minds as well.

Unfortunately, schools and communities are failing to provide the education that our kids need. A few statistics: in Dallas County, only 4 percent of African-American and Hispanic students graduate from high school. Only one in three fourth-graders are at a reading level that ensures their track for college.

More shockingly, 34 schools in Dallas an Forth worth have been labeled as “academically unacceptable” for past two years! How has education slipped through the cracks?

Sign Senate Bill 14: The parent Empowerment Act. This bill will give actual power to parents when it comes to the education of their children. This is a great start to changing the slipping educational standards in our country. Schools must require to teach stints what it means to be good citizens of this wonderful country. Economic and social issues are also an important thing for children to see and understand before entering adulthood. We need to tell them the truth about the world they’re going to enter one day. How can anything be more important than this?

Empowering parents to help fix the issues in our educational system means a brighter future for our families.