Robert Peters manor texasThe problems with the education system really links to the dramatic inequality between the rich and the poor. a battle that rages on in our country. At this point time, establishing the fundamental blocks in lower education is crucial as college has basically become a necessity for any upward mobility. Yet, with the cost it has become reserved for the elite. Children of college-educated parents are more than twice as likely to go to college than those who do not. According to the bangkok post, “Only 5% of Americans between the ages of 25-34 whose parents didn’t finish high school have a college degree.”

Unfortunately, the problem begins right from the origin of the educational system. Children from lower income families enter into kindergarten over a year behind those who come from parents who attended college. And when they do start on the same level, they inevitably fall behind somewhere in the system.

Though there has been one, small victory in this persisting issue, the U.S. Department of Education has awarded $8.9 million to Purdue University to conduct a four-year research study on analytical-based advising for low-income families and for first-generation college students. This is to help pinpoint and identify what exactly students are struggling with before they get too far off track. The study will use a sample size of 10,000 students to examine the benefits and the risks of systemic, proactive advising.

The President of Purdue, Mitch Daniels commented, “Purdue joins our fellow alliance members in a strong commitment to enhancing both affordability and accessibility to higher education. This important initiative will ultimately help us find a way to make sure the promise of higher education is attainable for low-income and first-generation students.”

Hopefully, this will spark the beginning of changes to the U.S. educational system that badly needs reformation. America need to return to the land of opportunity, and with that there really shouldn’t been any child left behind.

Info courtesy of purdue and the bangkok post